OWS: Political Messaging Beyond Politics

Some journalists have grumbled that the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests lack the traditional elements of protest campaigns — namely manifestos, goals and demands.  But I believe these reporters are missing the genius of the campaign.

By using a very simple hook — we are the 99 percent — and focusing nothing but raw discontent on a single facet of American life, Occupy Wall Street protesters are pointing the way towards a genuinely postmodern form of social movement. Continue reading OWS: Political Messaging Beyond Politics

Blame Wall Street, Not Boomers

A hemorrhaging economy. A tough and frustrating job market. Downward pressure on wages. Housing out of reach. High energy costs. Government strapped for cash. Questions about our global standing. Wondering about the American Dream.

That describes America all right, but it’s the America of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when our country truly did seem to be falling apart. Continue reading Blame Wall Street, Not Boomers