Closing the Ring

If I felt a sense of accomplishment, I can only imagine how Wagner felt when he completed the work in 1874. He wrote the words and the score. It took him 26 years. For much of that time he endured poverty and neglect, illness and ridicule—with little help and little prospect that his masterpiece would ever be performed in its entirety. Continue reading Closing the Ring

Local Boy Triumphs In Jock Opera

unnamedFor its current production of Siegfried, Houston Grand Opera was fortunate enough to secure the services of one of these rare talents—native Texan Jay Hunter Morris. Morris grew up in Paris, Texas, singing in the choir of the local Baptist Church and with local rock bands. He never heard an opera in his life until he moved to Dallas and caught a production of La Traviata. It was an epiphany. He said to himself, “I want to see if I can sing like that.” Continue reading Local Boy Triumphs In Jock Opera

Gods, Gold and Greed

Houston-Grand-Opera-Das-Rheingold-April-2014-Photographer-Lynn-Lane_122152 In the year 1848, the continent of Europe was convulsed by revolution. In France, King Louis Philippe was driven from his throne and a republic proclaimed. Northern Italy and Hungary revolted against the overlordship of the reactionary Habsburgs. In Frankfurt, Germany’s first freely-elected assembly was convened to seek the unification of the German states by democratic means. In London, Marx and Engels published the first edition of the Communist Manifesto. Continue reading Gods, Gold and Greed