The Speech We All Know—Or Do We?

getty Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is the most famous speech in American history. It is a speech that virtually all Americans have heard of, and that more than a few of us know by heart. And yet on this, its 150th anniversary, how well do we really know it? Continue reading The Speech We All Know—Or Do We?

The Adjunct Advantage

We’d never met. But when I walked into my class at American University a few weeks ago, I knew instantly who she was. She came up quickly, like someone who didn’t have much time.

She was a grad student working at AU for the Service Employees International Union to organize adjunct professors like me. She hoped I would sign up. What surprised me was my reaction. I wished she hadn’t come.

How could I feel that way? When I was 17, and New York’s teachers union went on strike, my mother, a teacher, spent days terrified of being fired if she refused to cross the picket line. I scoffed at her timidity.

What made me so timid? Continue reading The Adjunct Advantage