Royal Milestone

QueensOn this day, September 9, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surpasses the 63 years and seven-month reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

The event will be observed quietly; the Queen has asked that there be no fanfare. Instead, she will carry on “business as usual”, as she has for nearly 64 years.

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“Have you thought about resuscitation?”

KevorkianIn England recently, a man with a serious heart ailment returned home after getting some bad news from his doctor and immediately received a follow-up phone call from one of the nurses in the doctor’s office. “Hello,” she chirruped brightly, “we’re ringing all our patients with chronic conditions to see how you are and whether you have thought about resuscitation.”

The patient immediately dropped dead from shock.
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Who’s Greedy, and Why?

images-10You don’t need to go far these days to find angry exchanges about “greed”. The UK general election will see wild rhetoric about the Politics of Greed. But who in fact is greedy?

So take out the generalised human instincts about the greed of men/women/children, and it turns out that Greedy Workers are the clear winners, well ahead of another notable category, Greedy Owners.

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An Ambassador Speaks

Washington’s best conversationalist, Steve Clemons, introduced UK Ambassador Nigel Sheinwald to an audience of 80 on December 15, presenting the event as an “exit interview” in advance of Sir Nigel’s retirement next month from the British Foreign Office. Continue reading An Ambassador Speaks