Why Clinton needs to adopt Sanders’s message

Photo by Gage Skidmore. FlickrSanders has a theme, an anthem, a crusade; Clinton has a bunch of bullets.  They’re good bullets – it’s my to-do list, too. But Democratic candidates tend to suffer from nine-point plans for this and four-pillar programs for that. Of course there’s virtue in being specific, policy-oriented and comprehensive, but there’s also the risk of attention fatigue. The message on Trump’s hat may be a reactionary slogan, and his speeches, if you can call them that, add little to it but braying, but his crowds know what banner they’re marching behind. So do Bernie’s. Continue reading Why Clinton needs to adopt Sanders’s message

The Center Folds

McCurryCandidates in presidential campaigns tend to spout the opposite of what they actually do later when (shudder) they are elected; however, these candidates are saying little to nothing in the campaigns. Following this logic, saying nothing at this point in the campaign might actually yield some results after the slugfest is over in November. Continue reading The Center Folds

The Outsiders

Ted CruzFor about a month, reporters and pundits have been heralding surges of support for outsider candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Ted Cruz, and everyone’s favorite bombastic billionaire, Donald Trump. Based on the flood of news stories predicting insurgent victories, readers might believe that Trump and Cruz are the only Republicans left and that Sanders is about to deliver the knockout punch to Clinton’s glass jaw in Iowa and then New Hampshire.

But the truth is considerably murkier. With only a week to go before the Iowa caucuses, the political landscape remains as tumultuous and unsettled as ever, and these surge storylines may ultimately hurt the outsider candidates in the long road to the nomination for a number of reasons.
Continue reading The Outsiders

Trump’s Stubborn Jurors

20724485306_26e4ca01b4_k Why is it that no matter how outrageous, provocative, irrational, vulgar or even fascistic Donald Trump behaves, his political base remains loyal to him? Even though his very excesses make it a dead certainty that he will never be elected president. Continue reading Trump’s Stubborn Jurors

The San Bernardino terrorists’ 6-month-old

Sb_2004_dt_snowskyline_003aFor a while, all she’ll know is that yes, she did have a mommy and daddy, but they died. But one day, whoever is then caring for her may be unable to avoid telling her the rest of the story – how they abandoned her to do a terrible thing, and how they died. Continue reading The San Bernardino terrorists’ 6-month-old