Managing Intelligence Technology for a New Us

Windows_9X_BSODTimes are difficult, and polarized silos exist. It is more important than ever, for differing cultures to understand and accept one another.

For IT providers and IT consumers, wide gulfs of misunderstanding create false impressions of antagonism. These stumbling blocks are easily remedied with sensitive, mutual understanding, and some basics in vocabulary building.

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How Obama Should Respond to Romney on Jobs

Mitt Romney has said that this election is about one thing: jobs. If I were drafting President Obama’s convention speech, here’s how I would re-frame and respond …

… Now my challenger says that this election is all about jobs — that what our country needs today isn’t all that complicated or profound. We need jobs.

So here’s something Governor Romney and I agree on: we need jobs. Lots of them. Continue reading How Obama Should Respond to Romney on Jobs

The Digital-Savvy Speechwriter

What has the digital age done to speechwriting? There are few people in our profession better qualified to answer that question than Clark Judge, managing director of the Washington-based White House Writers Group.

At a November 2 luncheon meeting of the Houston Speechwriters Roundtable, organized by BP speechwriter John Barnes, Mr. Judge spoke eloquently and informatively about using the power of the Internet to maximize the impact of a speech. Continue reading The Digital-Savvy Speechwriter