Gingrich Revolution Still Revolving

Among the leading contenders for Donald Trump’s general election running mate is former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Ironically, an Outsider Trump-Gingrich ticket would possible in large part because of a political revolution led by Insider Gingrich.

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Republicans and the Prehistoric Foop Bird

Edwards'_DodoTheir near sweep in the mid-term election has generated a lot of speculation about the impact of a Republican majority in the House and Senate for the first time since 2006. Will Mitch McConnell and John Boehner lead a unified, purposeful GOP and move major legislation smoothly through the legislative process? Could there even be attempts to work with Democrats and demonstrate to the American people that Congress is still functional? Continue reading Republicans and the Prehistoric Foop Bird

Christie Comes Out A Winner?

christie wiki The echo chamber created by Washington’s beltway wonders how seriously New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential plans have been harmed by revelations that his henchmen took revenge on Democrats by causing traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge. It is far too early to tell, but based on current information it is fairly easy to shift perspective and see how this could accelerate rather than impede his political career. Continue reading Christie Comes Out A Winner?

Back To The Center

bell curve The center is holding.  Despite the enormous stresses of responding to a deep, painful recession while awkwardly implementing a long-sought national health insurance program, America’s politics are moving back toward the middle, fueling frustrated responses from fringe elements who see opportunities for fundamental change evaporating. Continue reading Back To The Center

Gov. Rick Perry’s New Eyeglasses Haven’t Improved His Vision

perryrick Texas Governor Rick Perry has recently taken to appearing around the country at political events and in television interviews wearing stylish dark-rimmed eyeglasses. And, while, according to some observers, his new specs made him look smarter, he continues to display a profound case of myopia. Continue reading Gov. Rick Perry’s New Eyeglasses Haven’t Improved His Vision