A Tale of Three Speeches

We mere citizens of the world who once upon a time looked to the President of the United States to be both a strong leader and a bold representative of important moral principles sit aghast at the horror of #USElections2016. Still, it may soon be over, or not as the case may be.

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Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up?

There’s the Hillary Clinton who is and always has been an activist, advocate, and idealist determined to advance civil rights, promote women’s equality, champion the strivers, and upend the status quo by using the levers of power to effect political and social change.

But no, there’s another Hillary Clinton, a calculating, privileged member of the elite who is too cozy with power, condescends to ordinary Americans, sees herself as above the law, and manipulates every word and sentence for political, personal, and financial gain.

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Remembering Todman

todman The August 17 Washington Post carries a fine obit on Terence A. Todman, deceased August 13. No quibbles with Emily Langer’s synthesis of this remarkable man, my first boss in 1986 in the Foreign Service.  Just a few footnotes to add:

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But Where is Markington? (Part 4)

(Four of four) The question was and still is, whatever happened to Markington? Was he in some dungeon in chains, or dead, or clandestinely running the country? Had he indeed been at the scene of the crime April 3, or even one of a passel of hitmen? And for what purpose? Paid by Dany Toussaint, or by the regime itself? A chit for the faltering government? Continue reading But Where is Markington? (Part 4)