Donald Trump in Poland

On 6 July President Trump gave a hefty speech in Warsaw.

If anyone is looking for a speech down the ages by a foreign leader that plays to Poland’s pride and self-esteem far beyond any reasonable limits, this is that speech. President Trump lays it on thick, and gets a warm response.

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Prime Minister Theresa May’s Philadelphia Speech

Mrs May skilfully framed many international policy issues in a way that appealed to Donald Trump’s instincts, even if he might well have serious doubts about the outcomes. By doing that she sounded confident, steady and businesslike. She sounded like a leader.

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“Likee Speech?”

320px-Vegetable_beef_barley_soup V. K. Wellington Koo (1887-1985) was a distinguished Chinese diplomat who held a Ph.D in international law and diplomacy from Columbia University. Dr. Koo served at various times as China’s ambassador to France, Great Britain and the United States. He was also an international statesman who helped to found both the League of Nations and the United Nations. Continue reading “Likee Speech?”

How to Speak ‘Politician’

mic So you want to learn how to speak “Politician.” Terrific! First, you’ll have to unlearn traditional English, with its emphasis on making rational thoughts clear through words. Instead, obfuscate with half-truths — or better yet, quarter- and eighth-truths. Let’s get started! Continue reading How to Speak ‘Politician’

A Speech For Sen. Ted Cruz

tedcThank you.  It is an honor to join you tonight.

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