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Bowdlerizing is Back

the merchant of venice Ever hear of Thomas Bowdler (1754-1825)? He was an English physician and philanthropist who once published The Family Shakespeare, an expurgated edition of the Bard’s works edited by his sister, Henrietta Maria Bowdler. The Bowdlers’ object was to produce an edition of Shakespeare that could be read “without incurring the danger of falling unawares among words and expressions which are of such a nature as to raise a blush on the cheek of modesty.” Thus, Lady Macbeth’s cry of “Out, damned spot!” was refined to “Out, crimson spot!” and “God!” as an exclamation was replaced by “Heavens!”

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“I sit with Shakespeare…”

dubois In honor of Black History Month, I am going to share a story that I read many years ago. I do not recall exactly where and when, but I will never forget the story itself.

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No Treason?

King Richard III “You may partake of anything we say.
We speak no treason, man.”
— Shakespeare, Richard III

Sometime next year, more than half a millennium after he was killed by the forces of Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth, King Richard III of England will finally receive a proper royal interment at Leicester Cathedral. His bones have recently been recovered and identified, and his fans are raising money to erect a handsome tomb.

His fans? Richard the homicidal hunchback has fans?

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The Ghost of John Wilkes Booth

Edwin_Booth_Hamlet_1870 (thumb)

For Halloween, I have an unusual sort of ghost story to share. Appropriately enough for the season, it deals with costumes – the theatrical costumes of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln.

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