Hunk hawks hideous health bill

If the human brain’s positive bias toward attractive people didn’t cue me to infer that Thune is a great guy, a real straight shooter, I’d be as outraged by the assault on Americans’ health that Thune and his co-conspirators are currently waging, and by the subversion of American democracy they’re using to ram it through, as I am when its public face is McConnell’s.

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This is how you’ll feel when the GOP wins the Senate

GOP It’s the morning after.

You stayed up late watching election results on TV.  By the time you went to bed, the Republicans had won five of the six Senate seats they needed to take control of both houses of Congress.  As the networks called each state for the GOP, it felt like a trap door had opened beneath your feet, like a Munch scream, like a nightmare – a nauseating, slow-motion wreck you were powerless to prevent. Continue reading This is how you’ll feel when the GOP wins the Senate

The Lump of Coal Awards

stocking The President of the United States: Well, it’s been a hard year for the President and next year doesn’t look much better with another budget crisis and sequestration ahead.  Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act under the federal program is increasing.  The state-run exchanges have done better in the early going.  Health care costs will go down, the uninsured will gain protection, but what an ugly start!  The Middle East is a cauldron of evil, terror, irresponsibility and worse.  There are no good guys anywhere. Continue reading The Lump of Coal Awards

Step by Step

GOP The GOP preference is to consider solutions to complex national problems, such as healthcare and immigration reform, ‘step by step.’ Step 1: do nothing. Step 2: do nothing. Step 3: do nothing. Continue reading Step by Step

I’m Just a Bill

I'm Just A Bill Neither side works with the other. They barely speak to each other! So the chances of working together to pass a bill are somewhere between fat chance and ‘Good night, sweet Prince.’ Continue reading I’m Just a Bill