The Tea Party Luddites

dont tread Ask Tea Party adherents what inspires them most and many will say their reverence of history. Indeed it’s not unusual at Tea Party rallies to see bands of self-referential patriots dressed up in Revolutionary War garb, wearing tricorn hats and carrying their defiant Don’t Tread on Me flags. Continue reading The Tea Party Luddites

Crying “Wolf!” on Gay Marriage

Ted Cruz In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network last week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) rehashed the charge that legalizing gay marriage could lead to Christian pastors being “forced” to perform gay nuptials and prosecuted for “hate speech” if they dare to take a literal reading of certain Bible passages on marriage and homosexuality. Continue reading Crying “Wolf!” on Gay Marriage

“Thou shalt not disapprove of gay marriage…”

GayMarriage_thumb “How a minority, reaching majority, seizing authority, hates a minority!”
— Leonard H. Robbins

A florist in Washington State won’t provide floral arrangements for a gay wedding, citing her “relationship with Jesus Christ.” In response, the state’s attorney general has slapped a $2000 consumer protection lawsuit against the lady, alleging a violation of the state’s antidiscrimination laws. And the American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to weigh in with lawsuit on behalf of the gay couple that was refused service.

A simple case of discrimination? Think again. Continue reading “Thou shalt not disapprove of gay marriage…”

Gays, the GOP and Hypocrisy

Senator Portman So Conservative Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has done a political about-face and announced his support for gay marriage. The senator was a co-sponsor of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). What brought about his Saul-to-Paul conversion? Apparently, it was learning that one of his own sons was—ah—er—um—one of “them.” You know, one of “those people.” Not a ladies’ man. A little light in his loafers. A Nancy Boy. A pouf. A pansy. A queer. A faggot. A fruit.

Sen. Portman is hardly the only prominent Republican to have a gay or lesbian in his immediate family. Dick Cheney and Alan Keyes have lesbian daughters; Newt Gingrich has a lesbian half-sister. It’s difficult to tell how many other Republican political figures have gay family members because they usually manage to keep these embarrassing relations out of the public eye.

Republican hypocrisy on this issue is deep-rooted, widespread and longstanding. Continue reading Gays, the GOP and Hypocrisy

Who’s for “Big Government” Now?

President Obama’s surprise endorsement last week of same-sex marriage was more politically conservative than it appears. Yes, the president made the controversial declaration that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. But he also made clear that he was simply expressing a personal opinion, and that the decision to allow same-sex marriage was a decision that had to be made by individual states. Continue reading Who’s for “Big Government” Now?