Forgetting Oneself Into Immortality

The lives of saints are invariably paradoxical. Whenever Mother Theresa was asked how she kept the adulation that came with being an international celebrity from infecting her with the sin of pride, she would reply that Jesus had given her a great grace: the deepest conviction of her total nothingness. “If He could find a poorer woman through whom to do his work,” she said, “He would not choose me, but He would choose that woman.”

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Charles I, Monarch and Saint

King Charles I

January 30 is observed in England and elsewhere in the English-speaking world as the martyrdom of King Charles I, monarch and saint. On this day, white roses are laid at the foot of the king’s statue in London.

To modern eyes, Charles appears an unlikely candidate for sainthood, but when he was reduced to pitiful status of a prisoner on trial for his life, Charles showed that he possessed at least one royal virtue: courage. Continue reading Charles I, Monarch and Saint