A Bracing Dose of Mencken

HL MENCKENHenry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) was one of our most brilliant and penetrating journalists. He was also one of our most acerbic. Independent, fearless, and iconoclastic, he spared no one. He made a career out of turning sacred cows into hamburger.

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Professor, You’re Fired! Or, the Education of a Trump Voter

8566717881_4cd237e309_o“If data made a difference, graphs of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide and earth surface temperatures would melt a climate-change-denier’s denial like greenhouse gases are melting Greenland. If facts had standing, no sane person could maintain that the slaughtered children of Sandy Hook Elementary were actors. If reality had a vote, no radio host could persuade his listeners that Operation Jade Helm, a Navy Seal/Green Beret training exercise, was a false flag operation – a cover for imposing federal martial law, seizing citizens’ guns and transporting political prisoners to FEMA camps secretly set up in West Texas Wal-Marts Continue reading Professor, You’re Fired! Or, the Education of a Trump Voter

Donald Trump and the Big Lie

Donald_Trump_Laconia_Rally,_Laconia,_NH_by_Michael_Vadon_2_July_16_2015_09 Herr Trump, the Clown Prince of the Republican Party, seems hell bent on a variation of the concept originally penned by Adolph Hitler in “Mein Kampf” and refined by Joseph Goebbels. He repeatedly utters outrageous statements about undocumented entrants, alleged celebrating Muslims on 9/11, numbers of proposed Syrian refugees to the U.S., and on and on. The latest outrage is his mocking of the New York Times reporter with a disability. Continue reading Donald Trump and the Big Lie

The Speech We All Know—Or Do We?

getty Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is the most famous speech in American history. It is a speech that virtually all Americans have heard of, and that more than a few of us know by heart. And yet on this, its 150th anniversary, how well do we really know it? Continue reading The Speech We All Know—Or Do We?

How to Speak ‘Politician’

mic So you want to learn how to speak “Politician.” Terrific! First, you’ll have to unlearn traditional English, with its emphasis on making rational thoughts clear through words. Instead, obfuscate with half-truths — or better yet, quarter- and eighth-truths. Let’s get started! Continue reading How to Speak ‘Politician’