New GOP Infatuated by Change

RyanThis confidence in the constructive value of chaos is reflected in the Republican primary Presidential contest where relevant experience is deemed a disqualifying event. If one accepts the premise that our government could be run better by someone with no direct experience, should we argue that America could be better administered by someone who had never been in the US before and could look at our problems with a fresh set of eyes, if only the relevant Constitutional constraints could be avoided? Continue reading

My Three Cents Worth—or Everyone Else has Analyzed the Election—why not me?

3016985275_3d8bb990ff_bI blame the Democrats’ debacle on many things, among them their smug confidence in the “ground game”.  In fact, the Republicans turned out more voters in significant states than the Dems, largely because they had more motivation and more passion. Continue reading

Step by Step

GOP The GOP preference is to consider solutions to complex national problems, such as healthcare and immigration reform, ‘step by step.’ Step 1: do nothing. Step 2: do nothing. Step 3: do nothing. Continue reading

I’m Just a Bill

I'm Just A Bill Neither side works with the other. They barely speak to each other! So the chances of working together to pass a bill are somewhere between fat chance and ‘Good night, sweet Prince.’ Continue reading

If the Other Side is Crying Foul, It Must Be Working

OFA The Republican message machine learned that people are a lot more likely to listen and remember what you’re saying if what you’re saying connects to things they care about. Democratic messengers, on the other hand, always seemed to bring a knife to a gun fight. Continue reading