Homage to a Beautiful Speech

What First Lady Michelle Obama gave us was a gift, a way to imagine America differently, a reaffirmation of the American Dream drawn from the experience of those who should have every right to be bitter about it. And she transformed politics from a blood sport about our wants and needs and anger today into a sacred promise we hold with our children to shape their lives and their futures.

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Message to the Media: Electing a President Is Not Boxing

rubioThe debate post-mortem media analyses are filled with columns on who won and who lost. But rather than see the debate as an opportunity to get a measure of the candidate’s judgment, temperament, and approach to complex issues, we read instead about who “savaged” whom, which candidate “rattled” the other, who threw the most “punches” and who got the best “hit” on the other guy.

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Step by Step

GOP The GOP preference is to consider solutions to complex national problems, such as healthcare and immigration reform, ‘step by step.’ Step 1: do nothing. Step 2: do nothing. Step 3: do nothing. Continue reading Step by Step

“Reject These Voices”: Obama’s Ohio State Offensive

OSU Commencement_Official White House Photo by Pete Souza_thumb Commencement addresses are tricky for the political speechwriter. The audience is young and distracted. They did not come to see the speaker, a politician who is never more than a sentence away from a flash-mob eyeroll.

President Barack Obama found a way around this dilemma. His commencement address Sunday at the Ohio State University was a full-throated defense of his political agenda, backed by an attack on his opponents as un-American. He carefully built up strawmen, then casually torched them in his insouciant style. Continue reading “Reject These Voices”: Obama’s Ohio State Offensive