“Inaction” is not “malfunction”

I remain a part of the dissenting minority who argue that our system isn’t broken. Action on a number of thorny issues — ranging from immigration to education reform — is stymied because of big disagreements on what should be done. Our experience with the Affordable Care Act illustrates the peril of making big changes in the absence of substantial majority support.

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When the House of Representatives Isn’t

United States Capitol The sad fact is the People’s House no longer represents the people. Too many Representatives are completely insulated from a real constituency back home, yet are completely susceptible to the pressures of narrow financial or ideological interests in Washington. Continue reading When the House of Representatives Isn’t

Arizona’s “Brewer Ha Ha”

With Republican-controlled state legislatures busy at work restricting voter access to the polls, the GOP majority in the Arizona State Senate and their Governor, Jan Brewer, are engaged in a transparent power grab over Congressional and legislative reapportionment. Continue reading Arizona’s “Brewer Ha Ha”