Our Moment in Cuba?

Last month I had the privilege of joining a study tour to Cuba with former members of Congress — sponsored by the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress (FMC). We met with government and Communist Party officials, members of the National Assembly and Foreign Ministry, artists, scholars, academics, economists, entrepreneurs, even cigar workers. Cubans feel genuine optimism that the recent normalization of relations with the United States may usher in a new era of cooperation. Continue reading Our Moment in Cuba?

The Tea Party Luddites

dont tread Ask Tea Party adherents what inspires them most and many will say their reverence of history. Indeed it’s not unusual at Tea Party rallies to see bands of self-referential patriots dressed up in Revolutionary War garb, wearing tricorn hats and carrying their defiant Don’t Tread on Me flags. Continue reading The Tea Party Luddites

Talk Radio: Slow Down the Race

Talk Radio Hey, conservative talk radio. What’s up. You know I love you, and I hate to do this, but I’ve got to provide counsel.

I know you’re frustrated with Barack Obama. You don’t understand how he was elected president. Twice. He wasn’t a war hero, an entrepreneur, or an executive of any kind, but a community organizer. (All work has dignity.) Continue reading Talk Radio: Slow Down the Race