Roget’s Trumpasaurus

“What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”

That’s the open-ended question a Quinnipiac poll asked Americans in May. The No. 1 answer: “idiot.”

Have you seen anything since then that would move the needle away from “idiot”? Or from “ignorant” (the ninth most frequent answer), or “stupid” (12th )?

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A Tale of Three Speeches

We mere citizens of the world who once upon a time looked to the President of the United States to be both a strong leader and a bold representative of important moral principles sit aghast at the horror of #USElections2016. Still, it may soon be over, or not as the case may be.

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The Lump of Coal Awards

stocking The President of the United States: Well, it’s been a hard year for the President and next year doesn’t look much better with another budget crisis and sequestration ahead.  Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act under the federal program is increasing.  The state-run exchanges have done better in the early going.  Health care costs will go down, the uninsured will gain protection, but what an ugly start!  The Middle East is a cauldron of evil, terror, irresponsibility and worse.  There are no good guys anywhere. Continue reading The Lump of Coal Awards

Hillary, Helmets, ‘Crossfire’ and Cash

U.S._Secretary_of_State_Hillary_Rodham_ClintonWhen Reince Priebus pressured Comcast’s NBC to drop a miniseries starring Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton, the hostage that the RNC chairman threatened to snuff was the network’s access to the 2016 presidential primary debates. When the NFL forced Disney’s ESPN to pull out of a documentary about concussions jointly produced with PBS’s Frontline, the league’s leverage was its deal with Disney’s ABC to air Monday Night Football. And when Time Warner’s CNN hired Newt Gingrich for its exhumed edition of Crossfire, its motive wasn’t political journalism in service of democracy; it was stunt casting in service of ratings. Continue reading Hillary, Helmets, ‘Crossfire’ and Cash