Looking for a Faint Ray of Hope After a Dark Election

I’ve spent a lot of the last few days comforting family members, friends, and many of my students who were feeling traumatized. And in comforting them, I’ve realized that I have a small sliver of hope about our future. Perhaps it’s pure naïveté, but I have hope that there’s at least one person in the Republican leadership with a bit of common sense. And I hope this person will be able to slow the knee-jerk agenda of the alt-right or the Freedom Caucus.

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New GOP Infatuated by Change

RyanThis confidence in the constructive value of chaos is reflected in the Republican primary Presidential contest where relevant experience is deemed a disqualifying event. If one accepts the premise that our government could be run better by someone with no direct experience, should we argue that America could be better administered by someone who had never been in the US before and could look at our problems with a fresh set of eyes, if only the relevant Constitutional constraints could be avoided? Continue reading New GOP Infatuated by Change

The Future of Congressional Leadership

United States Capitol Conventional wisdom – regularly more conventional than wise – holds that a re-elected President Obama has gained control and now needs only to tell us where to go next. That seems wrong to me. I see a renewal of the status quo where Republicans in Congress will ultimately have a greater say deciding whether we can move beyond partisan gridlock. Continue reading The Future of Congressional Leadership

Ryan and Ayn

Democrats attempting to paint Paul Ryan as a slavish devotee of novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand may see their efforts backfire. In the first place, while Ryan has praised Rand’s defense of the free market, he’s a former alter boy who has made it clear that he rejects Rand’s atheism and is closer to St. Thomas Aquinas when it comes to questions on the meaning of life. So identifying Ryan with Ayn may not be as easy as they think. Continue reading Ryan and Ayn

Be Careful What You Wish for…

I am not at all comfortable with the reaction of some of my liberal friends regarding the selection of Paul Ryan as the GOP candidate for Vice President. The reactions range from giddy to gleeful to goofy at the prospect of a Medicare-cutting, Social Security tinkering, abortion zealot on the Republican ticket. Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish for…