Gingrich Revolution Still Revolving

Among the leading contenders for Donald Trump’s general election running mate is former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Ironically, an Outsider Trump-Gingrich ticket would possible in large part because of a political revolution led by Insider Gingrich.

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New GOP Infatuated by Change

RyanThis confidence in the constructive value of chaos is reflected in the Republican primary Presidential contest where relevant experience is deemed a disqualifying event. If one accepts the premise that our government could be run better by someone with no direct experience, should we argue that America could be better administered by someone who had never been in the US before and could look at our problems with a fresh set of eyes, if only the relevant Constitutional constraints could be avoided? Continue reading New GOP Infatuated by Change

We Are Adrift

boatThe shutdown has ended…and now for the showdown. Recent polls show the great majority of Americans are unrepresented in the Congress. And it is time for them to exercise their muscle. Continue reading We Are Adrift

Tea Party Waives Regular Order

members The good old days in Congress are probably gone forever and that is just as well because they were never really as good as nostalgia suggests. Should the newcomers seek his counsel, Rep. Gutierrez might tell them to be careful what they wish for. Continue reading Tea Party Waives Regular Order

Gays, the GOP and Hypocrisy

Senator Portman So Conservative Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has done a political about-face and announced his support for gay marriage. The senator was a co-sponsor of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). What brought about his Saul-to-Paul conversion? Apparently, it was learning that one of his own sons was—ah—er—um—one of “them.” You know, one of “those people.” Not a ladies’ man. A little light in his loafers. A Nancy Boy. A pouf. A pansy. A queer. A faggot. A fruit.

Sen. Portman is hardly the only prominent Republican to have a gay or lesbian in his immediate family. Dick Cheney and Alan Keyes have lesbian daughters; Newt Gingrich has a lesbian half-sister. It’s difficult to tell how many other Republican political figures have gay family members because they usually manage to keep these embarrassing relations out of the public eye.

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