OWS: Political Messaging Beyond Politics

Some journalists have grumbled that the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests lack the traditional elements of protest campaigns — namely manifestos, goals and demands.  But I believe these reporters are missing the genius of the campaign.

By using a very simple hook — we are the 99 percent — and focusing nothing but raw discontent on a single facet of American life, Occupy Wall Street protesters are pointing the way towards a genuinely postmodern form of social movement. Continue reading OWS: Political Messaging Beyond Politics

Gay Marriage: Live and Let Live?

In a remarkably astute June 30 opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, author and libertarian commentator Walter Olson expounded on a little-noted aspect of New York’s new law permitting gay marriage: namely, religious exemptions.

Mr. Olson finds it commendable that the legislature should offer these protections. In his view, “pluralism and liberty can and should advance together as allies.” Continue reading Gay Marriage: Live and Let Live?