Good luck Trumps all

trumpAmerican University student reporters sat in a Manchester Best Western, compiling clips from a Jeb Bush rally, a Chris Christie speech and a Democratic fundraiser. Many had quotes from local voters and a select few had interviews with state senators and other surrogates.

No one, however, had managed to attend one of the rare Trump events and capture the flurry of activity that normally accompanies the candidate. Continue reading Good luck Trumps all

Democratic Unity urged ‘come November’

Hillary Clinton
Despite frequent calls for unity throughout the evening, the disagreements between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters was on full display at the McIntyre-Shaheen Dinner at the Verizon Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, last night. Continue reading Democratic Unity urged ‘come November’

As Goes New Hampshire…

As the great Democratic prankster Dick Tuck said after a defeat for a California state office, “The people have spoken…the bastards.”

The people of New Hampshire spoke yesterday, but what did they say? Continue reading As Goes New Hampshire…