Why I Returned My Eagle Scout Badge

On August 23, I joined with over 120 Eagle Scouts and returned my Eagle badge in protest over the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to reaffirm its ban on openly gay Scouts and Scout leaders. Continue reading Why I Returned My Eagle Scout Badge

Is Mitt Romney A Serial Liar?

At a nationally televised GOP debate in New Hampshire last month, broadcast to a Sunday morning audience on NBC’s Meet the Press, Mitt Romney looked straight into the living rooms of America and told a lie.

It wasn’t a major lie, perhaps more like a fib. Continue reading Is Mitt Romney A Serial Liar?

Should Mormonism Matter?

According to a recent Gallup Poll, one in five Americans say that if their party nominated an otherwise well-qualified candidate for president in 2012, they would not vote for that candidate if that candidate happened to be a Mormon.

Should Mormonism matter? Continue reading Should Mormonism Matter?