In Defense of Student Commencement Protesters

graduation Has America entered a Bizarro world in which money equals speech but speech itself gets labeled intimidation?

That’s not a far-fetched conclusion to draw in a political culture that has unleashed campaign spending and given it First Amendment protection while at the same time branding the supposed free speech of college students as bullying, tyranny, censorship, and intolerance. Continue reading

Conservatives Vow Outreach To “Welfare-Taking, Job-Killing” Hispanics

Rep. Don Young WASHINGTON D.C. — Conservatives in Washington, still smarting over their electoral defeat in November, held a conference Tuesday to offer new strategies to attract the votes of the Hispanic community.

The forum, entitled “Reaching Out: Sharing the Message of Liberty With All Americans,” was simulcast on C-SPAN.

“Our message is simple: it’s freedom and economic opportunity,” said Robert “Red” Flange, author of the best-selling book “Invaders: Why We Continue to Welcome Terrorists and Criminals to Our Shores.” Continue reading

Freedom, Family, and Fairness — A Conservative Epiphany

California 405 Epiphanies come in many forms. Some are personal, like the one I had after being invited to a hot tub party in Southern California: “I better start going to the gym.”

My political epiphany occurred there, too. (No, not at the hot tub party. In California.) Continue reading

The 2012 Election – “Omnishambles”

Karl Rove The Oxford Dictionaries have chosen the word “omnishambles” as their word of the year. How apt.

Oxford defines the word as “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.”

One only has to look at the Romney-Ryan campaign and the misbegotten efforts of the “super PACS” to see how applicable the word is to American politics.

But the Romney campaign is not the only one to merit application of the word of the year. Continue reading

Stirring Through the Ashes; Lessons from the 2012 Election

President Obama The candidates in the 2012 election may or may not have addressed big issues, but there is no doubt that the voters did. Continue reading