Hunk hawks hideous health bill

If the human brain’s positive bias toward attractive people didn’t cue me to infer that Thune is a great guy, a real straight shooter, I’d be as outraged by the assault on Americans’ health that Thune and his co-conspirators are currently waging, and by the subversion of American democracy they’re using to ram it through, as I am when its public face is McConnell’s.

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Republicans and the Prehistoric Foop Bird

Edwards'_DodoTheir near sweep in the mid-term election has generated a lot of speculation about the impact of a Republican majority in the House and Senate for the first time since 2006. Will Mitch McConnell and John Boehner lead a unified, purposeful GOP and move major legislation smoothly through the legislative process? Could there even be attempts to work with Democrats and demonstrate to the American people that Congress is still functional? Continue reading Republicans and the Prehistoric Foop Bird

DeMint Departure Depressing

Jim DeMint, Photo by Gage Skidmore_thumb An influential legislator’s decision to quit Congress to take advantage of a job opportunity can only encourage cynicism about our political system.

A conventional criticism of Congress is that it doesn’t work because too many incumbents become comfortable and stay too long, becoming part of the problem despite being elected to seek solutions. On the other hand when Members of Congress quit to earn big money as lobbyists, critics repeat another equally tired mantra about those who came to Washington to do good and ended up doing quite well instead. Continue reading DeMint Departure Depressing

Stirring Through the Ashes; Lessons from the 2012 Election

President Obama The candidates in the 2012 election may or may not have addressed big issues, but there is no doubt that the voters did. Continue reading Stirring Through the Ashes; Lessons from the 2012 Election

The Future of Congressional Leadership

United States Capitol Conventional wisdom – regularly more conventional than wise – holds that a re-elected President Obama has gained control and now needs only to tell us where to go next. That seems wrong to me. I see a renewal of the status quo where Republicans in Congress will ultimately have a greater say deciding whether we can move beyond partisan gridlock. Continue reading The Future of Congressional Leadership