Will Pence pardon Trump?

Bullies like Trump are cowards at heart. However appealing he finds sliming his prosecutors like a stressed hagfish, the thought of running away to spend more time with his 9-iron might prove irresistible. Would Pence trade the Oval Office for Trump’s holding his resignation hostage to a pardon?
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Donald for Queen, Pence for Prime Minister?

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Trump could be the chief of state, just as Queen Elizabeth is chief of state of Great Britain. In that capacity, he could pose for photographs in the Oval Office, preside over state dinners, deliver the State of the Union addresses, and enjoy the limos, the helicopters, the Marine guards, Air Force One, “Hail to the Chief” and all the other ruffles and flourishes that come with being president. Such accoutrements ought to be enough to satisfy even a man of his colossal ego.

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