Freedom, Family, and Fairness — A Conservative Epiphany

California 405 Epiphanies come in many forms. Some are personal, like the one I had after being invited to a hot tub party in Southern California: “I better start going to the gym.”

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Right-to-Work Controversy Continues

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Michigan’s legislature voted on December 11 to make the Wolverine State the 24th in the country to adopt a “right-to-work” law. The governor signed the measure, but the controversy continues. Opponents vow that they will fight the law through the courts and punish legislators who voted for it with recall elections. Supporters vow to push for similar laws in other states.

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Freedom’s Just Another Word

Michigan Right to Work Protest America is on the verge of losing something very important in Michigan and it isn’t getting nearly enough attention, probably because it’s just one more act in a long-running drama.
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