Homage to a Beautiful Speech

What First Lady Michelle Obama gave us was a gift, a way to imagine America differently, a reaffirmation of the American Dream drawn from the experience of those who should have every right to be bitter about it. And she transformed politics from a blood sport about our wants and needs and anger today into a sacred promise we hold with our children to shape their lives and their futures.

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Tax Reform — Political Opiate?

2012 State of the Union No issue with less potential impact on public good gets more attention than tax reform. It is possible to argue that the amount of taxes collected from the public impacts the national economy, but there’s no compelling evidence suggesting that the mechanism used (income tax vs. value-added tax vs. personal property tax) makes much difference. Continue reading Tax Reform — Political Opiate?

Campaign in Venom. Govern in Malice.

Mario Cuomo used to say, “You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose.” Today, however, we campaign in venom and govern in malice. Let’s face it, slash and burn rhetoric can work in winning elections. Continue reading Campaign in Venom. Govern in Malice.