#NotMyPresident turns from a refrain of political resistance, a sign of political discontentment, to a deepening of the divide. Instead of serving as a reminder that not all Americans are content with the political situation, it reinforces the false notion that two Americas exist.

And only self-destruction can emanate from such a position. Continue reading #YesMyPresident

Second Time Around

Inaugural Address 2013 Just as the old song says about love, President Obama’s inaugural address was better the second time around. A lot better. I remember wincing four years ago, as Mr. Obama plodded relentlessly from one hoary chestnut to another: “We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America…”

The president’s second inaugural was mercifully free from such banalities. It was more eloquent, and more interesting in terms of its intellectual content. The president attempted to harmonize two widely divergent principles in American politics—individualism and collectivism. Continue reading Second Time Around

Jon Stewart’s Tea Party

Rally to Restore Sanity Crowd

In the 1960s it was the angry left who seethed at the Establishment and indignantly voiced their view that America had become a “sick society.” It was the Establishment that told them to tone it down, to restore sanity, to engage not in protests and campus shut-downs but in rational and civil discourse.

Today it’s the right that seethes. Continue reading Jon Stewart’s Tea Party