Memo to Donald Trump: This is not 1968

That Donald Trump may believe we are living through another 1968 says less about the nation today and more about a man who may be our president. He admits to getting his news on cable, which creates a virtual 1968 with its constant images of unrest, violence, terrorism, and crime. But a virtual 1968 is not a real one, and we must expect any leader of our country to resist the emotional pull of gruesome television images and to think rationally and deliberately about the real state of our nation.

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How to Tragedy

You hear a gay bar called a “soft target,” and you are forced to confront the inconceivability of hardening the soft targets where you live your life, like the mall you were planning to shop at this afternoon, or the café where you ate last night, which in hindsight could be the twin of the Tel Aviv café where terrorists killed four people a few days before.

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There Was A Reason

Once again, our nation is forced to struggle with the pain and confusion that follows an act of political violence, an act of terrorism. But I hope that an important facet of this attack does not go forgotten: Omar Mateen targeted the LGBT community, and he did so for a reason.

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10 Pieces from 2015

44542_146580218708693_1804650_nThe year 2015 was tumultuous: Gay marriage was legalized nationally, the 2015 race began in earnest, transgender rights and racism become dominating discussions, and an underestimated threat named ISIS became a household name.

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The San Bernardino terrorists’ 6-month-old

Sb_2004_dt_snowskyline_003aFor a while, all she’ll know is that yes, she did have a mommy and daddy, but they died. But one day, whoever is then caring for her may be unable to avoid telling her the rest of the story – how they abandoned her to do a terrible thing, and how they died. Continue reading The San Bernardino terrorists’ 6-month-old