Ambassador to the Mountain

The day I went to pick up the ambassador at his residence, I saw he was smarter than most: he understood he’d have to wear jeans and a T-shirt if he were to get anything out of the meeting on the mountain. I was impressed that he caught onto this without needing to be told.

We got in back of his armored SUV and headed up the mountain at sunset. He would have asked me how to make the most of this, but he already got it: Listen, don’t talk. Just this once.

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Old Wine, New Battles

1280px-Muammar_al-Gaddafi,_12th_AU_Summit,_090202-N-0506A-324Engaging in the Libya conflict in 2011 (without any plan for an outcome) was not morally or even tactically “wrong.” However, events have gone against American interests – and also, by the way, the beleaguered populations of the current Libya which is a threat to itself, to Europe, and sooner or later to American direct security interests as well.

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Revenge of the Clowns

Radio_Martí_broadcast_studioThe Cuban government’s resentment of Caballero’s employer is understandable, if a bit huffy.  After 30 years of beaming anti-Castro broadcasts toward “La Isla” (Cuba), U.S. Government-funded Radio and TV Martí has a pretty pathetic record.  Created in 1985 as an alternative news source for beleaguered Cubans, Martí never reached more than two per cent of the Cuban people, and 90 per cent of Cubans never even knew it existed.  Effective jamming by the Cuban government scrambled the signal almost all the time, even and especially during the brave days of broadcasting from a blimp over the Caribbean. Continue reading Revenge of the Clowns