The Center Folds

McCurryCandidates in presidential campaigns tend to spout the opposite of what they actually do later when (shudder) they are elected; however, these candidates are saying little to nothing in the campaigns. Following this logic, saying nothing at this point in the campaign might actually yield some results after the slugfest is over in November. Continue reading The Center Folds

Potato, Potahto, Monogamy, Polygamy

cohaset_narrowsFive of us sat at a lunch restaurant at a fishing village in Massachusetts, I think Cohasset. You can’t find a more congenial setting.

Three of them came from Sub-Saharan Africa, one from Tunisia. All were jurists on a study tour of the American court system. The Tunisian had been haranguing the three others for two weeks, proselytizing monogamy for their countries. They would have none of it. Polygamy suited them just fine. No woman was present to argue the other side. Nor, said one of the Sub-Saharan Africans, would they if they had the chance. Continue reading Potato, Potahto, Monogamy, Polygamy

Cable to Nowhere

Palacio_presidencial_de_HaitiContrary to a generosity of spirit in America, both our political parties have shown disdain for the underdog in foreign policy, kicking them in the teeth when empathy might be more in character. Bipartisan annoyance at the suffering of foreigners seems to twin our Left and Right.

Faced with the slaughter of a million Biafrans in 1967-70, Lyndon Johnson sided forcefully with Nigeria’s central government, saying of the Biafrans, “Get those [n…] children off my television set.” Continue reading Cable to Nowhere