The Political Language of Apology (or Not)

Prime Minister Cameron Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent visit to India gave us another notable example of the “political apology.”

In Punjab in 1919 public discontent with British colonial rule was growing. In Amritsar ruthless but stupid Brig-General Reginald Dyer ordered his troops to fire at point-blank range on a large crowd of Indian protesters. Hundreds died. This massacre was denounced in Parliament in London by Winston Churchill, then Secretary of State for War and no slouch as a public speaker… Continue reading The Political Language of Apology (or Not)

Adult America as Viewed from Abroad

A holiday in Asia offers a perspective on America’s role in the world. By day I’m visiting countries experiencing growth we’d see as fast that they worry is too slow (Vietnam’s concerned growth will only be 6% in the year ahead; In Thailand, there are fears that recent flooding will cut growth to 3%, far behind its regional rivals).

By night I check the international cable channels to see if I’ve missed anything back home, but come away frustrated because their perspective on the international economy assigns America a peripheral position. Continue reading Adult America as Viewed from Abroad