The GOP “No Win” Strategy

gop What can they do?  They will rely on independent PACs, thanks to the Supreme Court, and field independently wealthy candidates to overwhelm Republican moderates and Democratic candidates. It is a path to gridlock…which is exactly their goal. Continue reading The GOP “No Win” Strategy

It’s about freaking time!

President Obama Obama expressed wonder that making sure 30 million people don’t have health care is “the one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment.” Continue reading It’s about freaking time!

Step by Step

GOP The GOP preference is to consider solutions to complex national problems, such as healthcare and immigration reform, ‘step by step.’ Step 1: do nothing. Step 2: do nothing. Step 3: do nothing. Continue reading Step by Step

I’m Just a Bill

I'm Just A Bill Neither side works with the other. They barely speak to each other! So the chances of working together to pass a bill are somewhere between fat chance and ‘Good night, sweet Prince.’ Continue reading I’m Just a Bill

When the House of Representatives Isn’t

United States Capitol The sad fact is the People’s House no longer represents the people. Too many Representatives are completely insulated from a real constituency back home, yet are completely susceptible to the pressures of narrow financial or ideological interests in Washington. Continue reading When the House of Representatives Isn’t