It’s about freaking time!

President Obama Obama expressed wonder that making sure 30 million people don’t have health care is “the one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment.” Continue reading

Attention Surgery Shoppers

Surgery If you’re an uninsured New Yorker shopping for a hip replacement, the going rate in Manhattan is $18,260. If that sounds steep and you’re willing to try medical tourism, the rate drops to $7,500 in Boston, $7,099 in Baltimore or $6,399 in Washington.

If you’re willing to go further afield, there are seeming bargains available elsewhere including these:

  • Portland, Oregon: $4,366
  • Tampa, Florida: $3,039

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Governor, Heal Thyself


If an entire state could be crazy as a box of frogs, it would be Arizona. If a whole state could be crazy and brag about it, it would be Texas. Continue reading

From the Frontlines of the War on Women


2,600 years ago, Sun Tzu said, “All war is deception.” In 2012, Republicans have gone him one better. They’re denying the existence of a war while they’re actively waging it. Continue reading

America Still Needs a Serious Health Care Debate


We’ve been subjected to everything from snarky bs to thermonuclear rhetoric, but we’ve never heard an honest, fact-based discussion about health care in the United States; what the problems are; what happens in the future if something isn’t done; and of course, the best way to fix it. Continue reading