“Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.” -Marcus Aurelius

Wayne LaPierre. Credit to Gage Skidmore The National Rifle Association’s willingness and facility with lying about anything that might reduce the slaughter of innocent people by being shot has always been striking. But rarely has a national organization turned its back so completely on its previous positions, ignored the clear and overwhelming sentiment of the American people in general and its own paying membership in particular, and been so willing to depart so totally from facts. Continue reading “Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.” -Marcus Aurelius

Editor’s Note: Biden brings gun control push to Virginia

Editor's Note “As the White House continues its push to gain public support for stronger gun laws, Vice President Joe Biden today took his case to Richmond, Va., where he consulted a handful of experts and public officials about how to reduce gun violence in America.

Speaking at Virginia Commonwealth University after an hours-long meeting with both federal officials and several people who served on a review panel following the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, Biden said he and his team were able to “quiz” those who had studied and learned from the Virginia Tech massacre, and emphasized a few points about which “there seemed to be a pretty broad consensus.” Among those points include a background check system that would more effectively prohibit certain people from owning a gun and increased access to mental health benefits,” reports Lucy Madison at CBS News.

Do you think this public campaign spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden is the best strategy to garner support for gun control legislation? Continue reading Editor’s Note: Biden brings gun control push to Virginia

America: Armed and Dangerous

Guns …the heat over the original intent of the 2nd Amendment and its relevance to life in 21st Century America has not cooled. Public debate over guns, gun ownership and gun control, when it occurs, rarely approaches rational… Continue reading America: Armed and Dangerous