Will the Rolling English Drunkard Decide Brexit?

rolling road
He’s not registered to vote. He’s not even a real person. But on June 23, the deciding vote on “Brexit”—the referendum on whether Britain will remain within or exit the EC—may well be cast by an anonymous chap known only as the Rolling English Drunkard.

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Barack, Boris and Brexit

unnamedLondon mayor Boris Johnson’s criticisms of Mr. Obama’s column advocating against Brexit were intemperate. They were also rather ironic given the views he himself expressed a couple of years ago in a masterly biography of Winston Churchill. Continue reading Barack, Boris and Brexit

A Speechwriter’s Christmas Carol

King George VI of Great Britain – the father of the present queen – was king by accident. He was the plodding, dutiful second son, almost totally eclipsed by his dashing, golden-haired older brother, who ascended the British throne in 1936 as Edward VIII. Continue reading A Speechwriter’s Christmas Carol