Message to the Media: Electing a President Is Not Boxing

rubioThe debate post-mortem media analyses are filled with columns on who won and who lost. But rather than see the debate as an opportunity to get a measure of the candidate’s judgment, temperament, and approach to complex issues, we read instead about who “savaged” whom, which candidate “rattled” the other, who threw the most “punches” and who got the best “hit” on the other guy.

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Here’s my question. On the night of another primary, what should we make of the profoundly unethical assortment of distortions and lies couched as straw men making up Mitt Romney’s stump speech? Continue reading MITT! DUMP THE STUMP!

Competence No Presidential Prerequisite

Mitt Romney’s failed macho effort to place a $10,000 bet with Gov. Rick Perry in the latest debate recalls the ride in a tank his predecessor former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis took in an effort to prove he was more than a bloodless technocrat. Both efforts backfired because the public found them inauthentic and incredible. Continue reading Competence No Presidential Prerequisite

For Change, Newt’s the One

The last two Washington insiders elected President were Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, each of whom did his part to fuel the distrust of government that’s now a chronic campaign theme. So it is hardly surprising that Newt Gingrich portrays himself as a Washington outsider. He may be undisciplined at times, but stupid he is not. Continue reading For Change, Newt’s the One

Is Newt Still a Quitter?

Presidential campaigns are less about substance than a test of how candidates will react to new and unexpected situations. I think that’s a good thing because it is nearly impossible to predict the problems that will confront a new president, but likely that they’ll be issues that weren’t discussed in debates. Continue reading Is Newt Still a Quitter?