Hillary’s Unanswered Question

For all the clever tweets, sophisticated data, and focus group tested messages the Hillary Clinton campaign pumps out daily, they may have forgotten to ask the simple question that should be at the heart of every campaign: If voters had one sentence to explain why they support her candidacy, what would it be? After nineteen months of campaigning, I’m not sure they have an answer to that.

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Likability Shouldn’t Matter When Electing a President

bushOlympicIt’s now routine for the scribbling pens and chattering class to pose the beer question or a variation thereof, and, based on a candidate’s perceived likability and relatability, they create a self-fulfilling narrative of electability.

If a candidate is warm and likable, these pundits say, Americans will be more inclined to vote for him or her. But woe to any politician who seems unable to kiss babies with ease, feel someone’s pain, look relaxed on television, or down a beer comfortably. Continue reading Likability Shouldn’t Matter When Electing a President

Is Mitt Romney A Serial Liar?

At a nationally televised GOP debate in New Hampshire last month, broadcast to a Sunday morning audience on NBC’s Meet the Press, Mitt Romney looked straight into the living rooms of America and told a lie.

It wasn’t a major lie, perhaps more like a fib. Continue reading Is Mitt Romney A Serial Liar?

Presidents are People, too

President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd

From Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to Barack Obama, America has an engrained tradition of degrading and dehumanizing our presidents. But, as Paul Liben writes, it’s time to cut it out. Continue reading Presidents are People, too