Growing Up With Nelson Mandela

nelson The greatest American civil rights leader of my lifetime was a South African. I say this not just because Nelson Mandela’s fight for equality and justice followed a path blazed by Henry David Thoreau and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I say this because he carried the torch for freedom at a time when it was under siege throughout the world. He held it high and with dignity, never letting it be extinguished by violence and recrimination. Continue reading Growing Up With Nelson Mandela

Freedom, Family, and Fairness — A Conservative Epiphany

California 405 Epiphanies come in many forms. Some are personal, like the one I had after being invited to a hot tub party in Southern California: “I better start going to the gym.”

My political epiphany occurred there, too. (No, not at the hot tub party. In California.) Continue reading Freedom, Family, and Fairness — A Conservative Epiphany

What’s Good About America

Ask people how America is doing today and most will cite a plethora of woes. From spiraling deficits to escalating debt levels, high unemployment to declining civility, political stalemate to a coarsened popular culture, there’s no shortage of troubles to identify.

It’s easy to forget what’s good about America. Continue reading What’s Good About America