Gov. Mitt Romney’s Convention Speech — An Alternate Version

With the possible exception of the day we fight off the alien attack (“Today — we celebrate — our Independence Day!”), there is no greater moment for an American political speechwriter than the final day of a presidential convention. And since an alien attack is probably decades away, the best I can do is write a mock address for Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney. Continue reading Gov. Mitt Romney’s Convention Speech — An Alternate Version

Why conventions still matter

When the Republicans open their conclave on Aug. 27 in Tampa, Fla., and the Democrats a week later in Charlotte, N.C., they will try to make everyone stay on message and stick to their meticulously prepared scripts in what has become one of the most tightly controlled rituals in American politics.

But since the first Democratic convention in 1832, these quadrennial events have always been full of surprises. These may be, too. Continue reading Why conventions still matter

The Sinologist in Each of Us

Now that a blind human rights activist is being seriously hassled in Dongshigu Village and/or Beijing, everyone is a Sinologist. I am not minimizing his plight, or the distemper of a nasty regime prepping itself to take over the world. Continue reading The Sinologist in Each of Us