This is how you’ll feel when the GOP wins the Senate

GOP It’s the morning after.

You stayed up late watching election results on TV.  By the time you went to bed, the Republicans had won five of the six Senate seats they needed to take control of both houses of Congress.  As the networks called each state for the GOP, it felt like a trap door had opened beneath your feet, like a Munch scream, like a nightmare – a nauseating, slow-motion wreck you were powerless to prevent. Continue reading This is how you’ll feel when the GOP wins the Senate

Riding Herd on the Tea Party

Republican Congressional leaders are spending a lot more time than they planned riding herd on the Tea Party.

Like cow punchers on a cattle drive, they need to keep things moving. But they can’t push too hard or let the herd get spooked or they could have a stampede on their hands, and stampedes cannot be controlled. Even if the cattle are stampeding in the right direction, there’s no telling what might get trampled. And good luck trying to stop the damned thing. About all you can do is hang on tight so you don’t fall under any hooves. Continue reading Riding Herd on the Tea Party