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“Patriotism Is Not Enough”

A close-up of the Edith Cavell statue in London.One hundred years ago on October 12, in the gray light of a chill Brussels dawn, a gallant English nurse faced a German firing squad.

Her name: Edith Cavell.

Her crime: Helping Allied soldiers escape to neutral Holland.

Bullets were a strange end for a woman who had devoted her life to being a healer.

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The Soldier

BrookePoet Rupert Brooke died a century ago on April 23. He died too soon for three reasons. First, he was only 28. Second, he was denied the opportunity to bring his rich poetical gifts to fruition. And third, he never saw for himself what war was really like.

The third was perhaps his greatest tragedy.

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An EVEL Day for Britain?

big-ben-450819_640Having just survived a bitterly-contested vote over Scottish independence, Britain is now plunging headlong into yet another identity crisis. This one is called, “English Votes for English Laws”—EVEL for short.

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“We have catch’d Scotland …”

Scotland In 1707, when the Scottish parliament voted to dissolve itself and send representatives to the parliament in London, the Speaker of the English House of Commons exulted, “We have catch’d Scotland and will bind her fast.”

That boast held true for over three hundred years. But on September 18, the people of Scotland will have the chance to vote on whether they wish to remain “catch’d” or to recover their independence.

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Who will govern England if the Scots split?

Parliament All kinds of questions are being asked about what will happen if Scotland votes to leave the United Kingdom on September 18. How will the national debt and the North Sea oil and gas reserves be divided? What about fishing rights? Will Scotland be allowed to keep the pound? Where will the Royal Navy base its nuclear submarines, since they are not welcome in Scotland? What will the remainder of the United Kingdom do for a flag if the white cross of St. Andrew on a blue field is ripped from the Union Jack?

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No Treason?

King Richard III “You may partake of anything we say.
We speak no treason, man.”
— Shakespeare, Richard III

Sometime next year, more than half a millennium after he was killed by the forces of Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth, King Richard III of England will finally receive a proper royal interment at Leicester Cathedral. His bones have recently been recovered and identified, and his fans are raising money to erect a handsome tomb.

His fans? Richard the homicidal hunchback has fans?

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Two Elizabeths; Two Speeches


February 6 marks the 60th anniversary of the accession Queen Elizabeth II to the British throne. While the official Diamond Jubilee celebrations will take place in June, when British weather is expected to be more amiable, this is still an appropriate occasion to note two speeches by two Queen Elizabeths.

The first is a radio address delivered by the present queen on her 21st birthday in 1947, when she was still Princess Elizabeth. The broadcast was made from Cape Town, South Africa, while she was on a Commonwealth tour.

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Good show, Mr. Ambassador


The British ambassador to the United States gave a well crafted speech in Houston on October 14, and spoke on the BP oil spill, as well as the historic ties that bind England and Texas.

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