What Would FDR Do?

Worried Democrats unhappy with the political and economic climate who think today’s situation could be better handled regularly hint at a historic question I would phrase this way: What Would FDR Do?

The assumption is that we’d all be a lot happier with some uplifting speeches on not fearing fear, some cutting comments about malefactors of great wealth and some economic experimentation rammed through a cooperative Congress. But things are very different today from several perspectives. Continue reading What Would FDR Do?

Betting on the Budget

As part of my endless effort to effortlessly earn big money in my spare time, I’m willing to bet against anyone who believes recent Congressional action will reduce the deficit by about $2 trillion a decade hence. And as part of my continuing quest to provide the government with adequate revenue, I’d like to propose a modest tax on any analyst discussing the issue who thinks the plan will actually be fully implemented. Continue reading Betting on the Budget

Cheney’s the One

It has been a long time since any Democrats had any kind words for Dick Cheney, but current events suggest he’s as responsible as anyone for creating today’s dynamic, where their party is faring quite well despite an ailing economy. Continue reading Cheney’s the One

Weiner’s Wiener and Tennessee’s Boner

Congressman Anthony Weiner

So Rep. Anthony Weiner has decided to resign. At last. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing about Weiner tweeting pictures of his sexual organ.

Weiner is lucky that he sat in Congress and not the Tennessee state legislature, otherwise he might headed for jail instead of therapy. Continue reading Weiner’s Wiener and Tennessee’s Boner