“Je m’en vais”

IMG_20150910_102337Big news! Thomas Yayi Boni will be president of the Republic of Benin until 2016. This is worthy of respect, gratitude, and archival notation.

Oh, and did I mention he will step down in 2016 at the end of his second, democratically elected five-year mandate? This is huge. Or as a leading U.S. candidate would say, “Hyooodge.” Continue reading “Je m’en vais”

Explaining Our Cautious, Caustic Congress

0226-union-protest03pg-horizontalThe political system America enjoys today is roughly a century old.   It began when voters were first allowed to directly elect U.S. Senators in 1913 and women got the vote in 1920.  Both acts made the system more democratic…
Photo: latestnewslink.com Continue reading Explaining Our Cautious, Caustic Congress

Guinea on My Mind

July 19, 3:00 a.m., military fringe groups attacked Guinea-Conakry’s newly elected president Alpha Condé at his residence, but were beaten back after pitched battles lasting to mid morning. Thirty-seven arrests followed, and a “clean-up” of Guinea’s disgruntled and underpaid military.

The world’s largest producer of aluminum bauxite ore, and very much a post-conflict zone, Guinea and its recent history are worth a look. Continue reading Guinea on My Mind