Trump wins first debate


Tell me Trump won’t win, my friends are emailing. It’s a slow-motion train wreck, they’re saying, and I feel helpless to stop it. Why is the media letting Trump get away with it? I wouldn’t be so nervous if it weren’t for Gary Johnson; if it weren’t for millennial apathy, for alt-right propaganda, for Paul Ryan’s cowardice; if it weren’t for sexism, racism, infotainment, Idiocracy, plutocracy, Citizens United, voter suppression…. Help!

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Slippery Slopes, Slippery Language, Slippery Logic

frog in water We all use metaphors to make a point. Speechwriters adore a good metaphor: get the right one and the speaker sounds wise, folksy, sassy and astute all in one go.

The trouble with such metaphors is that they capture your imagination but deaden your brain. Continue reading Slippery Slopes, Slippery Language, Slippery Logic

For Change, Newt’s the One

The last two Washington insiders elected President were Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, each of whom did his part to fuel the distrust of government that’s now a chronic campaign theme. So it is hardly surprising that Newt Gingrich portrays himself as a Washington outsider. He may be undisciplined at times, but stupid he is not. Continue reading For Change, Newt’s the One

Anger Problem? Nah.

Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell debate

O’Donnell and Coons were arguing about whether to invade a country and kill a few hundred thousand people – or pass a law that would cost six thousand jobs inDelaware. If those things shouldn’t make you furious, what in the world should? Continue reading Anger Problem? Nah.