Hillary and Philadelphia Deserve Each Other

“Philly Is Hillary’s Kind of Town.” So enthused Philadelphia-based writer Jennifer Weiner in a guest opinion piece published in today’s New York Times.

As it happens, the Philadelphia Inquirer agrees. In an editorial published yesterday, the Inquirer declared: “Philly’s a great place for a party, but its Democrats are a disgrace.”

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Elective Politics’ Darkest Hour

Checker's speechThe election of 2016 is without question the darkest, dirtiest, most despicable, and depraved one of my lifetime. I have run out of “d” words, though maybe destructive and delusional should be added. The elective system we have known for time immemorial is down, broken, and maybe lost. Continue reading Elective Politics’ Darkest Hour

What is Corruption?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.42.23 PMI’m chronically ending up on the wrong side of debates about many types of corruption, I’ve come to wonder whether there’s any agreement on what non-illegal corruption looks like or whether I’ve simply been so corrupted for so long that I’m devoid of the moral sensitivity displayed by critics. Continue reading What is Corruption?

How Breaking Bad Explains Washington

brbalogo Forget House of Cards. Ignore Scandal. Bleep Veep. If you really want to know how Washington works, watch Breaking Bad.

The AMC series, which airs its final episode on Sunday, just won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. It portrays the moral compromises made to keep an illegal meth empire running. Continue reading How Breaking Bad Explains Washington

Again to the Breach

Ohimè, Cameroon looks at elections again, October 9. The Executive has the voters where they want them, divided and incapacitated. With over 30 candidates for president, the incumbent, Paul Biya, is a shoe-in for a fourth term of seven years. Only Muammar Ghaddafi exceeded him in years in office for a head of state and chief of government, well, until earlier this month. Continue reading Again to the Breach