An EVEL Day for Britain?

big-ben-450819_640Having just survived a bitterly-contested vote over Scottish independence, Britain is now plunging headlong into yet another identity crisis. This one is called, “English Votes for English Laws”—EVEL for short. Continue reading An EVEL Day for Britain?

Will It Take Magic to Reform the House of Lords?

For over a century, British politicians has been wrestling with the knotty problem of what to do with the upper house of their national legislature. Prime Minister David Cameron and his coalition government are currently making another uneasy stab at reforming the House of Lords, and so far they have done little more than demonstrate once again how nettlesome the problem is. Continue reading Will It Take Magic to Reform the House of Lords?

Can Romney Cut Through the Rhetorical Red Tape?

With the GOP Presidential Primaries in full swing, longtime frontrunner Mitt Romney has seen his campaign scrutinized in almost every way imaginable. This week, two separate online publications took on the former Massachusetts Governor’s public speaking and rhetorical style. Continue reading Can Romney Cut Through the Rhetorical Red Tape?

Banana Republicans

Don’t call them conservatives. I’m talking about the Republican members of Congress who brought this country to the brink of default and financial chaos. Call them Banana Republicans if you like – or Republicans-Gone-Bananas – but don’t call them conservatives. I’m a conservative myself, and I’ll give you four reasons why. Continue reading Banana Republicans

Jon Stewart’s Tea Party

Rally to Restore Sanity Crowd

In the 1960s it was the angry left who seethed at the Establishment and indignantly voiced their view that America had become a “sick society.” It was the Establishment that told them to tone it down, to restore sanity, to engage not in protests and campus shut-downs but in rational and civil discourse.

Today it’s the right that seethes. Continue reading Jon Stewart’s Tea Party