Arounothay’s Tux

Arounothay was a survivor of the Laotian holocaust of the 1970s. An economist, he was my upstairs neighbor at the university apartments in Brazzaville, the capital of the Little Congo. It’s hard to imagine a more misplaced individual, but he was teaching economics in a Marxist country. Marxist in name only. Of the horrors of the twentieth century, the Pathet Lao in Vientiane were up at the top in cruelty and murderous social engineering.

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At It Again

Tip of the hat to Michael Gerson, for his op/ed of October 18 on those pleading a case for Joseph Kony, Lord of dismemberment of humans in Uganda, Central African Republic, Congo, and Southern Sudan. This most vile individual has found unwitting allies in Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh, little did I know.

As I dropped out some time ago from listening to these two, but for Gerson I would never have noticed they had opinions on Kony. I suppose we should note these disparagements – or take turns doing so – to see how far our own ignorance has taken us. Continue reading At It Again